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Application Development & Implementation

As business plans are often to change based on the market, the software that suits your specific needs simply is not available on the market. When existing software does not suit or requires enhancement to fulfill future needs, GSS can customize the software based on the need and future business.

Our Support Approach

  • Adaptive:  Our adaptive software maintenance services include making changes to the operating functions of your software applications. We have the expertise in developing modifications; such as

    • Changing The Data Format
    • Altering Localizations and Regulations
    • Modifying Supporting Utilities
    • Integrating New Operating Systems
  • Corrective:  Our professional software maintenance team provides corrective software maintenance services

    • Logical Errors
    • Business Rules
    • Design Errors
  • Preventive: Our expert team is capable at effectively analyzing your software’s future needs and problems based on

    • Customers’ Feedback
    • Past Occurrences