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ERP for Manufacturing Industry

The growing manufacturing industry should have automated system whereby they can set their own metrics to improvise.

  • Extensive coverage of sales operations from enquiry stage till the Customer Feedback stage.
  • Extensive coverage of purchase operations from budgeting till the acceptance of Goods.
  • Project based Budget is possible in all angles (Sales, Costing, Procurement, Resource-manpower, Resource-machine power)
  • Extensive coverage of Inventory control system whereby items quality status can be grouped at any point of time
  • Clear track of vendor performances (Quality wise \Price wise)
  • Extensive coverage of BOM Creation whereby the company can create the established Products and R&D products
  • Instantly create BOMs based on the Order and can project immediate required materials in just 10 clicks.
  • Can set own HR parameters for Performance appraisal
  • Coverage of attaching product design with respective approval
  • Quality Control can define their own QC parameters to test the product that can automatically will be shown during QC Process
  • Coverage of General finance package done along with integrating with operation modules (Purchase, Sales, Inventory, HRM and Production)
  • Dashboard Viewing which helps top-level people to know the status
  • Extensive MIS reports given to assess current status at any point of time
  • Can take the entire sales history for budgeting
  • Can Set the Automated Alerts
  • Cost effective