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Employee Review System

Every organization grows based on the two types of customers. External customers who are the means of giving direct revenue. Internal Customers (Employees) who are the one helping to satisfy the External customers. Most of the concerns lack the track of job status with the employees which are the bottleneck to the organization. The product helps to record complete tracking of history starting from assigning the jobs till the closure of the issues.

  • Assignment of jobs with timeline
  • Complete track of each jobs with respective timeline status
  • Clear way of assessing the re-work effort
  • Complete Job history of the project can be taken at any time
  • Can fit to any industry
  • Automatic alert of showing free employees to the respective heads
  • Employee wise summarized Monthly work status can be taken
  • It creates transparency between management and employees
  • It bridges the gap among the manager, middle worker and the HR department
  • Protect the interest of the employees and employer
  • Builds the team spirit among the managers and his subordinates